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About the website

The multilingual website is the product of two European projects with the aim to address different target groups.

For teachers in school day

Within the Project "Cybermobbing - look!"(2012 - 2015), a platform for the training of pedagogues dealing with cyber mobbing was developed. The following material and resources are available for this target group:

  • Introduction
    Basic information about cyberbullying: what is cyberbullying exactly, how to recognise it and how to deal with it concretely?
  • Learning materials
    Teaching materials prepared and adapted to different levels to be used by teachers and educators
  • Educational videos
    Videos with opinions and experiences about cyberbullying from educators and lawyers from different European countries

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In everyday social work

The project "Schau hin - Cybermobbing, Sexting, Posing and Grooming in the everyday life of social work" (2015-2017) should provide materials for use in social work. These are specially designed for the application outside of everyday school life.

The following resources and material are available for this target group:

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