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Cybermobbing - look!
- An educational project for training of educators

About the project

Digital devices and the Internet play a significant role in children's life nowadays, so they live in an environment that is completely different from what their parents lived in. Virtual environments are entering private life as well as educational areas and almost all children use these new media every day. Although using the Internet is safe most of the time, risks exist. Therefore instruction and training for safe use of the new media is necessary and should also involve parents and teachers. But teachers and parents are less confident about the use of the new media than with their children and students. Various analyses and reports about Internet safety give the same recommendation: “Parents and teachers should improve their technical skills to overcome the differences in the level of knowledge between them and teenagers.” Especially when dealing about the topic of cyberbullying, because it affects schools directly. This is why teachers should be adequately trained to deal with this and to be involved in the prevention of cyberbullying.

The multilingual website offers to educators a training in this field: it provides information and downloadable teaching materials about cyberbullying. These materials are useful to develop school programs for the prevention of violence in the cyberspace and will provide teachers with enough information to be able to react properly in a concrete case of cyberbullying among the students. In this regard, the website provides timely resources to build networks for possibly wider spectra of users that are easy accessible and comfortable for the users. In this way the teachers can share and discuss materials and exchange experience with their colleagues. The website is available in English, Bulgarian, German, Lithuanian, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian,Spanish and Greek.


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